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Important Info & Author Notes

THANK YOU to Debbie, Lisa and Paola for Betaing this baby (no pun intended). Also a big one to Debbie for coming up with the perfect suggestion for a title, and who told me "don't apologize for writing any kind of Kid/Lou story - we need more of them around! And sappy, lovey stories about them are a nice change from the harsh realities a lot of people like to put them through on a daily basis."

Another BIG THANKS to Megs, who after more than10 years can still smack me upside the head with the stupidity sword and get away with it. She may not know who's who or what's what, but she still takes a shot at reading my stuff, so keep me less paranoid!

This is another one of my original stories from TYR's original run over 15 years ago. It's sappy, I know, but I was in love what more can I say?

Part 4 has MY version of the infamous Pond Scene from "Judgement Day".