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The Immortal Realm is the new home for all of the fanfic written by catsimmie. I've started writing again after an almost 10 year abscence thanks to The Young Riders being released on DVD.Enjoy :)

What is FanFic?

fan-fic [fan-fik] -noun Informal.

  • short for Fan Fiction.
  • fiction written by fans of a TV series, movie, etc., using existing characters and situations to0develop ngw plots.
  • fiction written by fans as an extension of an admired work or series of works, especially a television show, often posted on the Internet or published in fanzines.
  • a work of fiction in this genre.
  • Warning:

    Some of these stories contain violence, sexual themes, and bad language. Read at your own risk!. You will be warned on the main page if a story contains any of the above, so if you don't want to read it, please don't!


    The majority of these charcaters are not mine and never will be excpet for in my imagination. They belong to Rysher Entertainment, MGM & Sony Studios, Ed Speilman, and Davis/Panzer Productions, Inc. And since I'm so broke I spend all my time working on my website, I have made no money on these stories at all. The only thing I have gained from this expierence, is a bunch of wonderful and talented friends! And if TPTB deem that I am not worthy and threaten by head (or wallet with a lawsuit) I will gladly remove this page and deny everything! Enjoy :

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