Highlander The FanFic Season

Author's Notes: After word spread of Highlander's cancelation, no one was ready to let it go. So the Highlander FanFic Season was created to tie up any loose ends, or for some of us, re-write the final season. The FanFic season ran from September 1997 - March 1998. I was glad to be a part of it as both a writer and an editor!

Preview: aka the Promo for next week:

A very old enemy has returned to haunt MacLeod ...
"I figured you didn't remember me," he said, his Scottish accent less dramatic than earlier. "But I assure you, I haven't forgotten you."

... Their quarrel goes back to Highlands and a clan battle ...
Close to an hour later, the battle ended victorious for the MacLeods. The land was theirs as were the treasures they had taken from the fallen.

... This time, however, Dr Anne Lindsey and baby Mary are right in the middle ...
What a lovely child Mary is, I'm sure you must be proud of her. As you may have guessed by now, I have her in my custody and she is fine.

Whether or not she stays that way is up to Duncan.

DISCLAIMER: All characters and events portrayed are fictional any resemblence to persons living or dead is purely coincidental ... honest! The majority of these charcaters are not mine and never will be excpet for in my imagination. They belong to Rysher Entertainment. And since I'm so broke I spend all my time working on my website, I have made no money on these stories at all. The only thing I have gained from this expierence, is a bunch of wonderful and talented friends! And if Rysher or any of there PTB deem that I am not worthy and threaten by head (or wallet with a lawsuit) I will gladly remove this page and deny everything! HFS (c) 1997.