Chris Chronicles Book 2: 1792-1995

Description: Written & posted in 1995, in Chris Chronicles Book 2, you learn more about Chris and Will, and the last two parts overlap into the Cat Trilogy stories Potest Esse Nur Unus and Cross of Swords.

AUTHORS NOTES: Ok, so it's not my usual style of writing, but forgive me. I locked Mary Sue in the Maid's Closet at work and the maid's won't let her out . For those of you who are following my stories (God only knows why) or if your planning to, here's a continuity order for all of them that fit into this arc, Chris' Chronicles Book 1, Chris's Chronicles Book 2 with an overlap of Potest Esse Nur Unus and Cross of Swords. I'm working on the third and FINAL bit of this arc- Chris's Chronicles Book 3 which will fall between Cross of Swords and Immortal's Holocaust. I know I'm screwing with my own continuity along with the show's but hey, if the writers of the show can do it, why can't I???

Also, all whaps and flames for naming Methos, Mike Brady in the 70's can go to by Beta Megs, it was her idea. She took advantage of me at 4am in the morning when I was out of caffeine and cigarettes and had another 8 hours of work to go. Meg is the only reason why my phone bill is higher than my AOL bill . Though I do have to take credit for naming the chief guy Devin Lavey, it's in inside joke and I figured I'd be nice since I couldn't behead her before my Atlanta scare. Just wait until the Gathering....

Again this story mentions the pyramid. The legend has it, that the pyramid was built by a dwarf in one night after challenging the governor. If it was not done in that night, the dwarf would be put to death. The dwarf hatched from an egg and grew to full maturity in one year, and was supposedly as strong as Hercules. At least that's the legend. I took a few tiny liberties on things such as the pyramid being built during an eclipse (but with all the weird things that happen during eclipses, it's possible). I know according to the Mayan Calendar, it was very possible. Also I took liberties in making a reference that the dwarf may be an Immortal. Who knows, he was a foundling and found by an old woman whose house still stands on the site.

The first ruin of Uxmal to be discovered was part of the ball court, where challenges such as the one the dwarf had with the governor. Today, it is still used in traditional celebrations.

Uxmal literally means Thrice Built. Many of the sites were constructed over on top of each other, such as the Pyramid. It has 5 different temples, one for each phase (the only site to have been built more than three times), and only 2 are visible.

RE: The Piercings: Don't think I'm trying to be kinky, but this was actually done. Scars and piercings were a sign of beauty and the warriors of the tribe had both their tongue and penis pierced. This served three purposes, and yes that is one of them. The others was a sign of beauty and a way to please the gods. Women had their teeth sharpened to keep the men in line :-). And before you come for my head, Methos asking this does NOT mean there was a homosexual relationship between the two. Many Mayans were very open about their sexuality and depending on how religious they were, some wore little if any clothing

Translations: (all Mayan)
Alux- gremlin, leprechaun, or dwarf
Cacique- Indian chief or warlord.
Chingo- rapist
Cingara- in our language, to put it nicely, a female that was a good fuck.
The chingar verb in the Mayan culture has many interpretations. Literally it means to rape but the colloquial meanings are equivalent to the way we use the F word.
Uxmal- Thrice Built.

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