What Really Happens When We Leave The Light on for You...

"Hey Missa." Cat said as she entered the motel lobby that she had been working at for the past few months. "Are we sold out yet?"

"Almost, just a few doubles left and all of them are non-smoking." Her friend and co-worker replied smiling.

"Of course." Cat laughed. On Monday nights with all the construction workers coming in for the week, the smoking rooms were usually gone by around noon. "Let me clock in and count the drawer and you can go." She said heading to the back of the lobby where the Manager's office was located. "Anything I need to know?" She asked taking off her trenchcoat and carefully hiding her sword.

"Mr. McCloud called and said he'd be arriving late, his car broke down, other than that you'll have a peaceful night."

Cat clocked in and walked back out to the desk. "It's to cold out there to be this late in May." She said pulling the cash drawer out and checking the refund sheet. "With it being so clear out there, you'd think it would be warmer."

"I know, I had to turn the heat on." She said rubbing her arms for warmth. "Everything all set."

"Perfect. You can go now, don't forget to lock up behind you." She said as she went over to the switchboard and started to program in the wake up calls. It was such a hassle and she wished just once Missa would do it when they came in like she was suppose to.

Over an hour, Cat pulled all the folios, and took them and the ledger back to the office when she got the buzz. It was a quiet night, and Connor had checked in 30 minutes ago. She wasn't expecting anyone this late, and she only had one room left. She picked up her sword and carried it low beside her so no one could see it through the night window.

"How can I help you?" she said looking at the Immortal in front of her.

"How much is a single for one person?" he asked.

"What about the person with you?" she said noticing a girl about 23 sitting in this guys pick up truck.

"She's not staying." He said. Cat knew he was lying, and wasn't about to let him get away with it.

"All we have left are non-smoking doubles, and it'll be $45.91 cash or credit cards only."

"Ok." He said pulling out his wallet and handing her a hundred dollar bill.

"Let me get you to fill this out," she said handing him a registration folio. "And I'll need to see your Driver's License." He filled out the folio, and returned it to Cat with his Driver's License.

"Ok Mike, you'll be in room 321, third floor, the back side of the building, to the right. The elevator is next to you." She handed him the change, his receipt, and the key and watched him leave. A few minutes later, she could hear his voice and a female giggling. She ignored him, thinking "He paid for two people, I'll just let it go."

An hour and a half later, the room next to 321 called down. Cat was trying to get her work done so she could catch an hour of sleep, but answered the phone. "Front desk?"

"This is 323, and the room next to me is making a lot of noise. I have to get up early, and it's hard to get to sleep. Can you please tell them to be quiet?"

"Ok, I will and if it doesn't stop, call back down and let me know." She said hanging up. She dialed 321's room and someone picked up. "Yeah?"

Cat could barely here him through all the yelling and music. There was obviously more than 2 people in that room. "This is the front desk..." she heard a click and looked at the phone in disbelief. She tried dialing the number again, but when they wouldn't answer, she grabbed her sword and the Master Keys, locked up the lobby and entered the elevator.

"I'll teach them to mess with me!" she said as she hit the third floor button and waited. When the elevator jerked to a stop, she walked into the hallway towards the room. The loud music hit her before the buzz did. When she got close to the door, she found it was open and about 4 teens hanging off the balcony. She drew her sword and walked into the room.

"Everyone that is not registered to this room, you have 30 seconds to get out before heads start to roll! That includes you too missy." she said as she spotted the girl the guy had checked in with lying on the bed half naked. Within 10 seconds, the room was cleared except for the one guy. "You and me outside!" she said as she pointed her sword towards he door.

He followed her with his sword in hand across the street to the abandoned grocery sword and raised her sword. "This will teach you to mess with me!" Cat said as she took the first swing.

Mike blocked and tried to attack back, but Cat was quicker and disarmed him. She kicked his legs out from underneath him and he landed on his butt with his neck pointed downward waiting. "There Can Be Only One!" Cat said as with a final swing of her saber, Mike's head rolled across the parking lot.

In the morning, the manager Heather walked out from her apartment and looked at Cat. "Rough night? She asked noticing the way Cat looked. "Did we have a thunderstorm? I swear I thought I saw lightning."

"No Heather, it was the typical Monday night." Cat said as she smiled and grabbed her coat and clocked out. "Your typical Monday night."

MORAL: When you check into a motel, be honest how many people you have with you. You just never know when there will be an Immortal working behind the desk. :-)