Around Atlantic City in One Night
Cat and Chris's Apartment, Seacouver

"I like what you guys have done with the place." Richie said as he sat down on the couch in the spacious 2 bedroom apartment.

Cat nodded. "No offense, but it's better than the dump your living in!" Cat had spent six months living with Richie after she first came to America over a year ago, and was more than happy to leave the cramped place.

"Anyone know what time Methos and Joe will be here?" Amanda asked. "Methos promised to bring the beer."

"Joe had a field meeting tonight and will not be here. With the weather outside, Methos may be late. They've closed some of the roads due to flooding." Chris said as she looked out the window and saw the lighting flash and the rain pound hard against the pane. The lights flickered in the apartment. "Cat, where's the flashlight?"

"The batteries are dead. I can get the candles though." She said walking into the dinning room and looking for the candles.

"If your worried about light, we can gang up on Methos and take his head when he gets here. The light from that Quickening would brighten a black hole." Amanda joked.

"My what a good mood you're in tonight." Duncan said as he hit her in the arm playfully.

Everyone received the buzz, followed by a knock on the door. "It's about time he got here." Amanda said as she went to let him in.

"Sorry I'm late, but I figured if the lights go out, I'd better bring a cooler and ice for the beer." Methos said walking into the apartment dripping wet.

"Good idea." Cat said as she entered the room with the candles. "I found them." She said as she placed a couple of lit candles on the table and a few on the fireplace mantle.

"Anyone in the mood for ghost stories?" Richie asked. "It's a perfect night for them." Everyone moaned and said no and started throwing out silly ideas.

"How about Monopoly?" Cat said on a whim. Everyone agreed, and Methos helped her set the game up around the table by the window where Cat and Chris usually ate when company was over and brought chairs out for everyone. It was the only one big enough for everyone.

"Choose your pieces." Chris said.

"I get the dog!" Cat said snatching the piece from the box. "I'm always the dog."

"No comment! I'm not going there. It's just to easy." Richie said as he sat next to her taking the horse piece.

"Too bad they don't have a mule." Cat said in retaliation. "Then you'd be the ass."

Everyone started to laugh as they took their pieces. Chris got the thimble, Methos got the hat, Duncan the car, and Amanda the cannon. The money and beer were passed out and everyone decided the rules.

"All fines go to Free Parking right?" Amanda asked. Somehow she had wound up as the banker.

"Right. And when you land on Go you get $400 instead of $200." Richie answered.

"So who goes first?" Methos said as he rolled the dice between his fingers.

"We can go by age. Youngest first." Chris answered. Everyone allowed Cat to go first.

"Baltic Avenue! I love the dark purples. Here's you go Amanda." She said as she passed Amanda the money.

Richie went next landing on Reading Railroad and passed on buying it saying the railroads reminded him to much of Mikey.

Chris went next and landed on Oriental Avenue "I will buy that and that is double 3's for me." She said as she passes Amanda the money and rolled again. This time she landed on Water Works. "Now I can have hot water when I take a shower." She said looking at Cat.

Duncan's first turn landed him on the Income Tax space. "Here's my ten percent." He said throwing the money into the free parking pot. "And who says we pay to much in taxes?"

"My turn!" Amanda said as she rolled a seven. "Chance!" she said. "Damn." She threw the card down and groaned. "Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200."

"Looks like all those years as a thief are finally catching up to you." Chris said with a grin.

Amanda snarled.

"Hey, you are the cannon, so why don't you just blow yourself out and escape?" Duncan said jokingly.

"Oh go crash you car." Amanda retorted.

"Touchy touchy." Methos said as he rolled. "Well Rich, if you won't buy the railroads, I'll be more than happy to take them for you!" he said as he passed the money to Amanda. She threw the deed at him.

Three hours later, the properties had all been bought and built on, and poor Amanda was struggling.

"My turn." She said as she picked up the dice.

"Be careful, you're only five spaces from Go to Jail."

Amanda rolled and breathed a sigh of relief. "Pacific Avenue mortgaged by Richie, no rent. And doubles once again." She rolled and was horror stricken to roll a 9, right onto Boardwalk with a hotel, owned by Cat. "That's it, I quit." She said throwing what little money she had left at Cat. Amanda had spent the majority of her time in jail and by the time she got out and got going, all the properties had been bought.

"Come on Amanda, this is just for fun." Cat said.

"That's easy for you to say, Miss I've got the dark blues and dark purples and is kicking everyone's butt. MacLeod I want to go home."

"But I'm in the middle of the game. Come on Amanda stick around. We need a banker."

"Why. Richie still thinks I stole that $500 dollars to pay of your hotel."

"Amanda, I said I was sorry." Richie said. "What more can I say."

"You can give me the greens."

"Fat Chance. My turn again."

By the time the lights had come back on, it had been a few hours since people had left, and only Methos and Cat were still going at it. Chris had gone to sleep about an hour before hand mumbling about being quiet because she had to get up early to discuss Watcher business with Joe.

"Those two have become quite the couple haven't they?" Methos asked.

"They're always together, but Chris claims its *Watcher* business. I see the way the *watch* each other."

"Well, I better go." He said glancing at his watch. "It's almost 5:30 in the morning."

"But the games not over yet."

"We've been at this all night. We both have over $10,000 and no one is going to win soon. You win or we can call it a draw."

"But that's not fair. After all There Can Be Only One."

Methos sighed and sat back down an hour later, Cat had finally won. "Too bad we're not playing strip monopoly, otherwise you wouldn't have any clothes to wear." She said with a grin.

"Ahh that's where your wrong." He said as he placed his piece on his head with a grin. "I'll always have my hat."