Potest Esse Nur Unus

Description: Written & posted in 1995, Potest Esse Nur Unus is the first story in the Cat trilogy. Cat is a 15 year old who becomes Immortal after witnessing her Godfather's beheading and then dying of pneumonia.

AUTHORS NOTES: This was my first attempt at writing official Fan Fic, and letting others see it.

Translations: (all Latin)
Carpe Diem- Sieze the Day
Potest Esse Nur Unus- There Can Be Only One

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these charcaters are not mine and never will be excpet for in my imagination. They belong to Rysher Entertainment. And since I'm so broke I spend all my time working on my website, I have made no money on these stories at all. The only thing I have gained from this expierence, is a bunch of wonderful and talented friends! And if Rysher or any of there PTB deem that I am not worthy and threaten by head (or wallet with a lawsuit) I will gladly remove this page and deny everything! Enjoy :)