Cross of Swords

Description: Cross of swords is the second story in the Cat Trilogy, Cat is now "hell on wheels", and Joe calls Chris in for help. Together, the two cause a little trouble while learning more about themselves.

AUTHORS NOTES: WARNING this is the Kenny/Cat story. It takes place in Part 6. You've been warned, don't kill me! Sex & Violence. What could be better in a Highlander FanFic?

*NOTE: The Pyramid of the Magician actually exists. Its located at the Mayan Ruins Uxmal on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The pyramid is adjacent to the Nun's Quadrangle. It has rounded corners, went through at least 5 building phases, so that you can see the remains of 5 temples. Steps are located on two sides, east and west, the west side (toward the quadrangle) is much steeper. This side is also more complex, using the Chennes style, with the monster mouth doorway.. It is said that the Mayan's built the ruins around 445 AD and abandoned it 200 years later... It was restored after being discovered in the 1920's, after being buried since the late 1300's. It has a very interesting legend, as you will soon learn about.

The legend is described in Part 10. It isn't the legend word for word, but you get the general idea. I was slightly doped up on pain killers when I was there due to a broken ankle. Piece of advice... Don't try hiking ruins when your ankle is broken in 3 places and you've torn all the muscles in your foot. It may be fun, but you won't remember much!

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these charcaters are not mine and never will be excpet for in my imagination. They belong to Rysher Entertainment. And since I'm so broke I spend all my time working on my website, I have made no money on these stories at all. The only thing I have gained from this expierence, is a bunch of wonderful and talented friends! And if Rysher or any of there PTB deem that I am not worthy and threaten by head (or wallet with a lawsuit) I will gladly remove this page and deny everything! Enjoy :)