After the Fire

AUTHORS NOTES: Co-Written with Em aka CFDRFWC.

"Bha gaol agam ort o'na la'ud cho'mlaich sinn!" (Gaelic)- From the moment I saw you, I've loved you.
"Mo ghraidh, tha thu annan mo chridhe agus bethidh mi, A' basachadh comhla ruit." (Gaelic)- My dear, you are in my heart, and I die with you.

So how did Cat wind up with her Watcher instead of her Meaty? Did Mary really have a nervous stomach? How did Bray and Richie wind up married so fast? Well, you're just going to have to wait for the sequel. Yep folks, there's the slight chance that this could become a trilogy. God forbid as hard as we tried to in this story, neither one of us could kill Cat.

DISCLAIMER: The majority of these charcaters are not mine and never will be excpet for in my imagination. They belong to Rysher Entertainment. And since I'm so broke I spend all my time working on my website, I have made no money on these stories at all. The only thing I have gained from this expierence, is a bunch of wonderful and talented friends! And if Rysher or any of there PTB deem that I am not worthy and threaten by head (or wallet with a lawsuit) I will gladly remove this page and deny everything! Enjoy :)