In Loving Memory of Stephanie Johnson

Miss ya Steph

A dear friend of mine died Saturday, July 21, 2007 as a result of complications from diabetes. "Goosey" was always there when I needed a smile or just someone to talk to. I met her through back in 2002 and we've been best friends since. Hard to believe a Cat & a Goose could be such good friends huh?

Steph was the type of person who always knew what you needed, even if you didn't want it. She always had a joke ready or something else to make you smile. She was dealing with the sudden loss of her mom, when my dad died, and she put aside her grief to help me get through mine. That was the type of person she was...

Sad thing is, now that I need her most, she's gone. Goosey you will be missed by all of us that knew you & loved you. May your last flight have been a peaceful one!