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Important Info & Author Notes

This is an AU story set during the Pony Express. Lou never was a rider for the Express, but she did work with them... eventually. The entire story is set in Sweetwater, they never moved to Rock Creek, Ike & Noah are very much alive, Rachel and Jesse don't exist, and that is the Bobby mentions in A Tigers Tale.

Chapters 1 and 7 contain loving M/F adult scenes. Chapter 4 does include Wicks attempting to rape Lou, but she is 19 not 13 and I've been told it's not graphic but you're being warned anyway. Since this was the reunion story, I've included both the PG and Adult versions of the story. Feel free to read which ever you prefer, there's no difference in the story in either version (other than the adult obviously has more).

This story came about after Shannon and Kathleen started talking about their AU stories. I love reading AU, but hate writing them. That night, my Kid & Lou muses begged me. They tempted me with an idea that was just too good to pass up.

A big thanks to Leah & Okeshala for their comments at the Reunion. Glad you guys liked it as much as I liked your stories!

Standard disclaimers apply. These folks don't belong to me now matter how much I wish it true. Enjoy!