Banner Challenge:
The Butt of All Jokes

Rules of the Challenge

This is similar to a picture prompt Quick Fic, but slightly different. Everyone will write a story based on whatever comes to mind when they see the banner posted. The banner is like a "book cover" we do for the regular submissions, but everyone will get the same banner. The only difference is your story. The banner is only your "inspiration", the story is up to you. As well as your title.

Entries are due August 31, title them "Banner Challenge Submission" and make sure to give us your title when you send it in because we're not naming your baby for you. Stories can be as long or as short as you want them. In the immortal words of my sophomore English teacher, Mr. Nugent, "It's quality, not quantity."

Happy Writing.

Image Courtesy of The Writers Ranch

The Butt of All Jokes

"Kid," Teaspoon begged. "Do somethin'!" He had heard a commotion coming from the bunkhouse and came to see what was happening. When he arrived, the boys were running for the hills and it seemed that Lou was throwing everything that wasn't nailed down at them.

"I am Teaspoon. I'm gettin' outta here and quick." Kid said as he scrambled to safety on the other side of the fence.

"Yeah Teaspoon," Buck said. "You weren't there. She wants to kill us."

"Startin' with Cody. I've seen Lou mad before but..." Jimmy shook his head and ducked as the water pitcher flew out the window. He flinched as it hit the ground next to his foot. "Has anyone seen Noah? We can give Lou his whip."

"Lou now calm down, let's talk about this." Teaspoon hollered towards the bunkhouse. As he looked around he noticed that the target of Lou's rage was no where to be seen. "Where is Cody?"

Lou let out a string of very un-lady like words and threw a chair out the front door.

Buck looked worried. "Hopefully not still in there."

"Will someone tell me how this all started? Lou's not typically a violent gal."

"Cody, Buck and I were walkin' towards the bunkhouse, and Lou was showin' Kid the dress she got to wear for the upcomin' social. We just happened to walk in when she asked Kid a question. Cody couldn't resist givin' her one of his cocky answers." Jimmy said trying not to laugh. It had been so funny at the time and they'd all had a good laugh. Well almost everyone did.

Teaspoon stood there puzzled. "What did she ask?"

Buck couldn't help smiling. "Did the dress make her... Um if her..."

Kid blushed and shook his head. "She asked me if the dress made her butt look big."