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Author's Notes

I blame Shannon over at the Writer's Ranch for this one. She gave the Plot Bunny listed below up for adoption, and he was just so cute, I had to adopt him. Here's hoping I did the story justice!

I don't know why but I just thought of this last night, a short that continues the B-plot of Blind Love as it appeared to disappear with Jimmy's arrest. Kid and Lou are sent to Ft. Laramie to find dirt against Gentry and Sarah. Ft.Laramie is a two days ride, what, if anything, happened with Kid and Lou during that ride? I'm thinking they didn't talk to much about the comments Lou made earlier in the episode, but both probably spent a lot of time thinking about it and kept to small talk. I think it would still make an interesting short story and I've got way too many other stories in the works to touch this one. Someone please take it!