Chris Chronicles Book 1

AUTHORS NOTES: Ok, Ok, so just call me Mary Sue! I'm a sucker for happy endings what can I say. Who knows, what I'll do in the next chapter of the Chris Chronicles. We all know what happens to both of them, it's just a matter of what I want to happen to them before that happens. And if you readers are anything like my Beta's here you go.

* I also just saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I realized the Festival of Fools just happens to take place on Chris's (Jordan) and mine's birthday (coincidence??) which is January 6. Geez and dumb old me thought the festival was on April 1st. Guess I'm the fool. :-)

Carpe Diem! (Latin)- Seize the Day
Cenote (Mayan)- a natural limstone cave used for water storage.
Potest esse nur unus (Latin)- There Can Be Only One

Many people have asked about the Mayan Ruin listed in several of the stories. So here's a pic!

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