Methos & Alexa

AUTHORS NOTES: Read more under the photo for the too short romance between Methos and Alexa Bond. A Struggle for Immortality was originally written first. But I had such an overwhelming response begging to learn more about their last few days together, Mortal Time soon followed and was published in the first edition of the Highland Blades Zine in 1997.

While attending The Gathering con in Anahiem, California in 1999, we were only allowed to get one autograph, and I was lucky enough to get on the Peter Wingfield list. I handed a copy of the story with a Post-It over the title, and tried to get Peter to autograph it. He peeked under the post-it and said "I've read this. This is good! Did you write this?" He quickly signed it, then walked it over to another table where Ocean Hellman was and asked her to sign it as well. She had also read it and was more than happy to sign it.

This was a HUGE shock, because the writers were also at Peter's table, and even though everyone knew FanFic existed, they looked the other way. Here he was, admitting in front of them, that he read it.

Methos & Alexa

Never in a million years did Highlander fans think that 5,000 year old Methos would one day meet his match. Then Timeless aired in Season 4, and even those that hated Methos were instanly rooting for him and Alexa (played by Ocean Hellman).

Methos and Alexa met while she was a waitress at Joe's. She avoids him because she's dying. When he finds out, he's even more determined to make the rest of her life as happy as possible. Well as long as it's with him. So she quits her job, and off they go to see the places she's always dreamed about.

Though Timeless is the only episode Alexa actually apears in, it's not the only Methos/Alexa episode. In Methusala's Gift, Methos is willing to do anything to save Alexa by trying to find the Methusala's Crystals, which are thought to bring Immortality to whoever possesses them. Unfortunately, he fails.

And lastly in Through a Glass Darkly, we learn that Alexa lost her fight and Methos has come back to Paris to bury her.

The Lines

  • Methos: Cute. I can do cute. Timeless
  • Alexa: Why do you wanna go out with me?
  • Methos: Because, the alternative is unthinkable. Timeless
  • Methos: It's my nose, isn't it? Yep, it's my nose.
  • Alexa: No, it's not your nose. You have a very nice nose."
  • Methos: It's because you think I'm English. It's my accent. Uh, I don't have to be English. I can be Russian. Uh, Poezd na Khar'kov othodit s etoi platformy? means 'Is this the right platform for the train to Kharkov?'" Alexa laughs and Methos goes on: "Russian doesn't turn you on. Okay, I can do it in Swahili. Except if I was speaking Swahili, why would I be wanting a train to Kharkov. Uh, Lithuanian? Timeless
  • Alexa: I'm dying. You see, don't you? We can't go out tomorrow.
  • Methos: Absolutely. We better make it tonight. Timeless
  • Methos: "Hiding your husband in there, is that what's going on? Lover? Boyfriend? Seven dwarves? I can take 'em all on. I'm not afraid." Timeless
  • Methos: You spend what ever time you have left, dying, or you spend it living - with me. Timeless
  • Duncan: Why are you doing this? You've lived this long without it, why do you need it now?
  • Methos: Alexa. She's in Geneava. She doesn't...
  • Duncan: You knew it had to be this way.
  • Methos: Yeah from the first moment I saw her. Is that suppose to make it easier? Is that suppose to make it OK? If there is one chance that I can save her, then I have to try. Methuselah's Gift
  • Methos: (to Amanda) You understand nothing. Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach on te Santorini watching the sun rise on the Mediteranian. Now she is lying in a hospital in Switzerland, breathing through a tube. You think it takes courage to do what we do? Face another immortal with a sword knowing only one of you will live. You try being her! Try living one year knowing your time is running out. Knowing that when it comes to the final fight, no matter how much you train, what ever tricks you have, you still loose. That's the way it is for them. So little time for them to see anything or do anything.
  • Amanda: Methos
  • Methos: What!
  • Amanda: I'm sorry... Sorry... I'm so sorry. Methuselah's Gift

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