Update News for December 2007

December 24, 2007


2 more 11 Part Harmony challenge stories are up! Buck develops feelings for Lou when he learns her secret, but is it because he wasn't able to protect someone else he cared for in The Dreamer.

Thinking that the smallest rider quit on his first run, Kid gets the shock of his life and finds both the rider and love in No One Will Ever Know.

Coming next week, the first in the Crazy Lady Series!

December 19, 2007

4 more new 11 Part Harmony challenge stories are up! Jimmy can't believe it when he hears Lou's secret and now has to deal with the feelings he's having in My Past is Looking Brighter.

Cody opens his mouth before he thinks when he learns Lou's secret, but how much worse can he make it? Find out in What Do I Care?.

In Woman Without a Home, Ike realized early on there's something different about one of the other riders, but can help the others feel more at ease when they learn the truth?

And lastly, check out how Teaspoon gets the surprise of his life in Every Time I Trust a Girl.

Also, the Links page has been updated to include the 2 new RPG Sites I'm involved in.

December 10, 2007

Woohoo 2 new 11 Part Harmony challenge stories are up! I've gone back and decided Round 2 will be about everyone finding out Lou's secret. So for your reading pleasure is Emma's There's a Man in There and Lou's Funny and Forgotten Feelings!. At least 2 more (Kid and Jimmy) will be up on the next update!

Also for those lighthearted fluff stories you know I love to write, check out what happens when Lou leaves her twin daughters in the hands of Jimmy and Kid in Adventures in Babysitting

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