Update News for September 2007

September 30, 2007

I know it's been almost a month, but the bunnies have been attacking me and I do like to think I have a life! 2 new stories are available for your reading enjoyment!

The War Between the Heart and Mind is my Quick Fix #62 Prompt. Following their marriage, Kid has a hard time deciding whether or not the war is worth fighting for anymore while Lou holds back a secret she knows will influence his decision..

And in the first of the Blinded Series, Blinded by Fear Follows the events that occured in the episode Color Blind. Lou and Jimmy return in the aftermath of Kid's duel for Samantha, but between Cody's big mouth and Lou's injuries, will the trio remain friends or have their relationships been broken forever?

Also there may be another long period between updates as I'm on my way next week to the TYR Reunion and then a 2 week vacation in Georgia immediately after. I promise to make up for it when I return!

September 7, 2007

2 new 2nd Round Challenge stories have been added. Almost Persuaded finds Lou's worse nightmare has come back to haunt her. How far will she go to keep him from ruining her life again?

This Ole House, Kid says goodbye to his old life as a new one begins.

Also the Banner Challenge has FINALLY been posted. Find out why Cody's in the dog house in The Butt of All Jokes

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