Quick Fix #62: The Topic is War

Rules of the Challenge

So, between summer vacations, family coming into town to visit for nearly three weeks and then school starting up, life's been a little crazy. Plus, there was the banner challenge and all the other challenges going on around here, and putting up a Quick Fic prompt just slipped my mind.

But we're back. Why not have a little fun before Reunion? Take a quick break from those Reunion fics and jot down a little vingette? Sound good to you? Sounds good to me.

So, you have one week to do a little story based off the prompt. The prompt is just a jumping off point, it doesn't have to be literal, it can inspire you any way you want (within board PG13 guidelines, of course wink.gif ).

Stories are due midnight Arizona time, Saturday September 22.

Your prompt is: War

Happy writing.

The War between the Heart and Mind

Kid tossed the paper down onto the table and sighed. Once again it was filled with stories about the War and how the land he once called home was being destroyed. He once swore he would go back and fight for the land he loved, but so much had changed since then.

At the time he thought he needed to keep the memory of his friends and family alive by saving what little was left of his past life. But now he called a new land home, he had a new family, life, and dreams.

It was tearing him up inside. Lou would not like it, but she would understand his decision to leave and fight. He had once told her leaving her would be the hardest thing he would ever do, but staying would be harder.

"Kid?" Lou walked into the dining room of their new home. She crossed the room to where he was sitting, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed the top of his head. "I got worried when I woke up and you weren't there."

Kid looked up at his wife and smiled. He gently took her arms and pulled her around and in to his lap. "Sorry. I had another restless night."

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"Did you ever wake me during your restless nights?" He placed his forehead against hers.

Lou chuckled. "Well most of those restless nights were because I was thinkin' about you. The others you were already there makin' me feel safe. The war again? Still tryin' to decide whether or not to go back and fight?"

Even after all this time, he was amazed how his wife was always been able to read his mind no matter how hard he tried to hide what worried him. He simply nodded then glanced over at the paper.

Lou cupped his face, turning it so she could look into his. "Kid, you've always had to try and do what's right. If goin' back and fightin' is what you feel is right, then you have to go."

"I can't leave ya, Lou. It ain't right, we've only been married six months. What would people say?"

"Kid, the only people who matter know you. They know this is tearing you apart. They won't think any less of you no matter what you decide. I'm gonna to fix some coffee." She stood up and headed towards the kitchen, turning her head she smiled and said, "I love you Kid."

"I love you too, Lou. I always have."

Lou entered the kitchen and crossed to the sink so she could look out the window. She knew Kid was having a hard time deciding whether or not to go back to Virginia to fight because of her.

If he only knew, she thought placing a hand over her slightly rounded stomach.

Rachel had told Lou she was not going to be able to hide her secret much longer, especially from Kid, and Lou knew she was right. Even the other night when they were having supper with their remaining express family that had stayed around, Teaspoon had commented on how well Lou was finally growing out of her scrawny body. She passed it off as married life agreeing with her, but when she saw the twinkle in his eye, she knew she wasn't fooling him.

As much as she wanted Kid to choose staying home, she could not bear to have him make that choice out of duty. She knew he would insist on staying because of the baby, but she did not want him to regret the decision later on.

Lou finished making the coffee and carried two mugs back to the dining room. Kid was still at the table, but had his head in his hands.

"Here you go." She handed him a mug.

Kid looked up and smiled before taking a sip. "I don't know what to do, Lou. My mind keeps tellin' me I should go back and fight for what's left of my heritage, but my heart keeps tellin' me that it's no longer a part of me."

"What's changed? Less than a year ago you said nothin' would stop you from going back when the war broke out. You didn't want anyone or anything takin' memories away from you."

"A lot's changed since then. Most important is the fact I want to start makin' new memories... with you."

"That's sweet Kid," Lou started knowing he was just saying what she wanted to hear. "But we can do that when you get back. If it means so much to you..."

Kid stood up agitated and almost knocked his chair over. He crossed to the doorframe and rested his head on the frame. "But that's just it Lou, what if I don't make it back? What if..."

"Don't talk like that; don't even think things like that! Of course you'll make it back." Lou started crying. Damn hormones! She thought. If I don't stop crying at every little thing, he's going to know.

Kid walked up and squatted in front of Lou and placed his hands over hers in her lap. "I'm sorry Lou. I didn't mean to make you cry."

"I'm okay," she sniffled, trying to stop the tears. "I just don't like it when you talk about things like that. What else has changed since then?"

"Well, when Doritha and Garth came back in to my life, I thought if they stayed, then I would have a little bit of what was left of my home here. But when I found out what Garth had been up to, and then when Doritha died tryin' to save me, I realized they weren't how I remembered them from my childhood. Then I started thinkin' that maybe a lot of things I'd thought weren't how I remembered them. And then I think about Noah, and I feel like I should be out there fightin'. Problem is I ain't so sure if it's for the right reasons anymore."

"It's a war Kid, is there a right reason?"

Kid shook his head. "What should I do Lou?"

"Kid, only you can make that decision. But either way I'll support you."

"You ain't makin' this any easier for me. But then again, when have you ever made anything easy for me?"

Both laughed and Kid rested his head in her lap. Lou ruffled his hair realizing that moments like this may soon be few and far between. She felt the tiny flutter in her stomach that she had been feeling more and more lately and prayed Kid had not felt it.

"Lou?" Kid asked looking at her questionably.

"Guess it's later than I thought. I'm starvin' and my stomach seems to be growlin'. I should be getting breakfast together," she pushed him away and hurried in to the kitchen.

Kid watched her leave the room. She had been acting strange for the past few months and he could not figure out why. Sure the move to their new home had been stressful, and his indecision about the war was driving them both crazy, but it was not like her to get so emotional. He knew she was hiding something from him and he was determined to find out what it was. He got up and followed her.

"Lou, what's goin' on?" When she refused to turn and look at him, he crossed to her and turned her towards him. The tears in her eyes broke his heart. "If it's upsettin' you this much, I'll stay home."

"I told you, I'm fine."

"You're not fine. You've been walkin' around here the last coupla weeks an emotional wreck. Are you sorry we got married?"

Lou shook her head. "Kid, I've never been happier."

"Than what is it?"

Lou shrugged. It was killing her inside not to tell him about the new life they had created. A life that was a part of him and she would still have if he choose to go back and fight.

"I'm just anxious that's all. It's hard to plan for our future when I don't know if you're gonna be here a month from now."

"I know Lou. I promise I'll make a decision soon okay? While your fixin' breakfast, I'm going to feed the horses."

Lou nodded as he walked out the back door and headed towards the barn.

After feeding Katy and Lightning, Kid sat down on a bale of hay to think. He knew he was not being fair to Lou or to himself. Every time he had come close to a decision on way or the other, something would happen that would make him doubt it.

What worried him now was Lou's odd behavior. He knew it was more than just his decision that was worrying her, but she refused talk to him about it. He loved her more than anything, and being apart from her would be the hardest thing for him. He remembered the pain he went through when they broke up, and realized he could not go through that again.

His heart had been right all along. Virginia may have once been his home, but now his home was where ever Lou was.